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Description (what is it):

'hl' is a simple and easy to use interactive color terminal application for programmers and people who often have to deal with source code. It is a kind of 'less', highlighting  source code in the specific language, allowing you  to browse with cursor keys within the file. At the moment it supports C/C++, Java, HTML and simple text. The language is recognized by file extension. It allows you to open up to 12 files simultanously. It can find simple expressions within the code , jumps to the desired line of code and seeks for corresponding brackets. It exports the highlighted code as HTML ready to use in your online documentation. At any time a dialog is giving  an overview over the loaded files, the number of lines and their size.
It can also be used as a command line tool in batch processing. Then it only exports HTML code.

See screenschots here

Purpose (why has it been written):

When programming it often happened to me, that I was less-ing and man-ing through my harddisk, spending quite a lot of time not finding what I actually wanted. When browsing through source code you haven't written yourself - thus mostly not knowing it - it is very helpful when it is highlighted in order to concentrate on the content and not on the finding of keywords. Therefore I started to write highlight (hl). It hopefully makes browsing through header and other source files more pleasant.

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