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Compiling highlight (hl)

If you have all the necessary sources, libraries, and compiler it is very simple to compile it:
Start a terminal / xterm and enter the directory you have downloaded the code:
cd theDirectory (Return) Enter the directory
tar xvfz highlight-0.32.tar.gz (Return) Unpack the sources
cd highlight-0.32 (Return) Enter the  source directory
make  (Return) Compile the sources

If you have managed it so far with no error messages you should see a new file called  hl after typing
ls -l
If you want to execute it then just type ./hl filename where filename is the source file you want to see.

Starting and using highlight (hl)

highlight (hl) is a command line tool, that is you always have to start a terminal / xterm first. Then you can run it like this (when you are in the directory where you installed highlight):

./hl filename1 filename2 ...

The filenames are then loaded into the buffers. You will always see the first filename when the program is started. In order to switch to the other files you press F1...F12.
Notice: you can enter maximally 12 files as command line arguments. If you enter more than 12 files, only the first 12 are considered.
If you don't want to always enter the installation directory you should change the .alias-file in your home directory. If it doesn't exist then create a new file or open the existing file in your favourite editor and append the line:

alias hl='/home/yourHomeDirectory/installationDirectory/hl'

When you restart the terminal the .alias file is reread and you can type

hl filename1 filename2 ...

wherever you are.

For details on how to use highlight confer to the user guide. or enter hl -help or use the the 'h' key when loaded highlight.

Installing on the whole  system:

If you have root access, you can type

make install

Then the files are copied in the /usr/bin directories and every user can use it.

To remove the the program again  you just type (you must be root again)

make uninstall

Copyright © 2007 H.M. Singer