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Source code generation to HTML generation by hl v. 0.32

Highlight History:



- program runs with command line argument file and prints to stdout: 
found comments, keywords and delimiters are printed in front of text like:
- dynamic allocation of const filesize (64k)
- data arrangement is fileimage


- programs runs with ncurses. Navigation with keys k,l,n,p. 
- removed comment bug.  Two comments directly following shouldn't cause any 
representation error any more.
- found new problem: keywords are recognized within variables.
- still dynamic allocation of const filesize (64k)
- data arrangement is fileimage and new screenbu00er (64k) of chtype
- command line help added

- dynamic data allocation goes with filesize +20000 (bu00er)
- Find Dialog implemented: uses class CString

- retrieving lines by a linked list and copying to an array containing the lines.
- screen print goes with lines (there is a bug when last line is longer than COLS)
- implemented find by highlighting the found pattern
- infobar implemented

- thread based highlighting (execution after 0.15s)
- Found bugs: when first displaying (first line is not completely drawn)
  Removed Bug: it was a printf-call
- Removed Bug: from 0.2 no keyword within variables any more
- bug found and removed: when pressing more than once F3 (find again) it takes 
  long till it is released again -> not any more

- inserted help dialog by pressing 'h' and leaving by pressing any other key
  out of the up/down scrolling keys
- inserted class as instance
- function - show() is class member
- cleaned up and structred code for multiple instance
- using multiple instances
- inserted information dialog: by pressing 'i' you get a list of the files loaded
- The code is cleaned up and split into highlight.C and highlight.h
- when pressing 'c' the cursor is shown
- when searching the searched expression is highlighted.
- Added navigation with up/down, pageup/pagedown
- found bug: finding doesnt always work, sometimes it crashes with 'Speicherzugri00sfehler'

- added new class CLineEdit-> simplifies our dialog stu00 (about 100 lines less code)
- added go dialog ('g') enter the line you want to go (it will be cut if greater or 
  smaller -> 0..iLines)
- open/find/go dialog are using CLineEdit
- started to write html help for highlight
- It seems as if i have removed the BUG in search again (although the solution is not satisfying)
- Changed keys: UP='k', DOWN='l' like in vi or vim
- Added: resize window - adapts automatically to new size (Signal handler)
- Removed representaion bug: correct up to last line (info bar too)
- restructured show method. Now it works correctly.
- Found BUG: first word of a logic line is not found.
- Removed BUG: it was a wrong return value in strnstr(): now if not found:-1
- Removed BUG in EditLine-Dialog, del-key works now
- Changed in EditLineDlg insert doesn't do reverse order
- restructured LineEdit method
- cleaned up code

- added tab-key while entering filenames: fills up to common chars
- finding in pwd: ./* (tab)
- removed BUG: in strncmp, could eventually produce segfault
- removed BUG: DlgFind, DlgGo will not appear on empty bu00ers any more
- added HTML-export: when pressing 'e' the file is written to disk: name.ext ->name_ext.htm

- added multiple language support
- added normal text, java, (c/c++)
- automatic filetype recognition
- analyze has special code concerning strings "\\"...
- added Language HTML
- Removed BUG in '\'' representation

- just some improvements in documentation

- changed makefile (Stringclass will not be compiled any more)
- changed structLanguage (added pointer within sections)
- changed anaylze function by adding three new functions checkSections(),
  checkKeyword(), checkDelimiter(); recursive. Changed sA: containing position
- changed HTML/C/C++/JAVA languages to be better adjusted when highlighting (recursively)
- cleaned up code (highlight.C, highlight.h, languages.h)
- added preprocessor commands (#...)
- added multiple files loader on command line
- add multiple files HTML export on command line (It must switch in ncurses mode 
  in order to work)
- added cursmsg-function
- added enhanced lineedit feature (scrolling if String is longer than field)
- added cut-string on infoscreen (when name is too long to be printed)
- improvements on documentatio
- added new methods pgup()/pgdown() which take care of wrapped line

(- added new methods pgup()/pgdown() which take care of wrapped line)
- added methods findBraces(),findCorrespondingBraces: they find braces
  entered from keyboard: (,),{,},[,],<,> jump to the corresponding line and
  highlight the brace. If the brace is on the screen, then it doesnt change
  the current line.
- almost finished documentation  

- changed COLS,LINES to iCOLS,iLINES for compatibility
- removed easy brace/cursor stu00
- removed second helptext
- added GNU PL in help (updated help)
- removed //fprintf
- added GNU to headers of all source file

- improved documentation (taken away some bugs)
- removed complile bug on OSF machines (getc,gets)

Source code to HTML generation by hl v. 0.32

Copyright © 2007 H.M. Singer